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Extra-curricula Activities 打印

The school offers exciting and diversified extra-curricula activities, which provide students with a high quality, challenging and creative after school life. The extra-curricula activities cover PE, art, music, science and other interesting subjects. Through participating in these activities, students further develop their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication capabilities.
These courses will be arranged after classes. The typical extra-curricula activities include the following programmes:
PE related: Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Taekwondo
Art related: Calligraphy, Cartoon, Creative handcraft
Music and dancing related: Piano, Violin, Ballet, and school choir
Subject Learning: English reading, Elementary Science, Fun math, Mad Science
Other than the extra-curricula activities, the school organizes various school clubs including school choir, musical bands, and a variety of sports teams such as football, tennis and golf teams. The school clubs and sports teams will participate in inter-school competitions city-wide and nation-wide, with other international and/or bilingual schools.