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Pure Internationalised Education

Right from kindergarten stage, HD School is dedicated to provide the best English language learning, international cultural exposure, and a rigorous intellectual environment. Meanwhile, HD School creates an immersed English learning environment for students through both academic study and the wider boarding experience. Our aim is that our students' English proficiency will gradually become comparable to that of native speakers. HD School’s international curriculum is focused on students’ academic excellence, and developing their critical thinking and creativity for the challenges of the real world, together with an appreciation of diversified cultures and histories. Via a Montessori bilingual kindergarten, through a balanced bilingual curriculum in primary to an international programmes in secondary school offering a bridge to international higher education, HD School’s students will eventually become global Chinese citizens of the future.

Leading Integrated Curriculum Education

Through the promotion of the philosophy of “Reinventing Education for Life”, the HD School curriculum emphasises Chinese values and the development of the students’ characters whilst blending the best of international education with traditional Chinese culture and curriculum. Under the guidance of national curriculum standards, our themed and subject-based curriculum breaks the boundaries between different subjects, whilst adopting a multi-faceted and dynamic “HD Integrated Curriculum”. HD School draws from Chinese and international learning traditions and weaves them into a powerful bilingual and multi-cultural education model, and opens the door to the global world for students.

Elite British Boarding

Based on an innovative and integrated bilingual education, HD School also introduces an elite British boarding system to Qingdao. It provides boarding for students from the prep year group, which includes a British housemaster’s family-like environment, ensuring warm care and personalised supervision from dorm teachers upwards. In addition, the boarding programme provides a vibrant element to HD School’s bilingual education, ensuring that personal growth and independence will happen naturally as a part of the HD pastoral journey. This in turn better prepares the students for overseas study in due course.