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Parents’ School
Education is through influencing heart and soul. In the childhood and youth education process, parents are the life-long teachers of their kids. HD School’s Parents’ Education School provides a top quality series of lectures and activities delivered by the top experts and professors in the fields of family education and childhood psychology. The School shares the theory and experience of family education and encourages the parents to practise and explore customized and the most scientific approach to educate and communicate with their kids, and help the kids be the personal best.

HD Qingdao School PTA
The Parent Teacher Association at the HD Qingdao School PTA is a not-for-profit organization and was established in 2018/2019 school year.
It is a great way to meet other parents, to make connections, and to get involved in the life of the school. The QDHD-PTA coordinates and helps parents to support school events.
QDHD thanks the parent community for their on-going support.