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Design Thinking is a new thinking approach first raised by the world’s largest commercial innovation consulting organization IDEO. With the establishment of world’s renowned Stanford D. School, Design Thinking quickly became popular in the world recognized for its scientific approach, innovation and effectiveness. Its core philosophy is Human-Centered Design applied in 5 steps to achieve creative problem-solving.

Students will first uncover user need through interview & research, then from analysis and brainstorming they will discover the core issue, based on which a prototype is made and tested until the outcome is developed. Coordination is critical throughout the entire process. Design Thinking not only develops creativity and innovative thinking, but also strengthens the ability to empathize and social skills. Therefore, it has been applied in the western education system from kindergarten to university.      

HD School is the first school to introduce Design Thinking in Beijing, with the goal to develop creative thinking and teamwork skill and the capability to solve real world problems utilizing interdisciplinary knowledge. 
Our Design Thinking covers prep and all primary grades. We as an innovative educator will guide our students to study and apply such thinking approach and to develop their own design path following their thoughts. In HD classes, our students coordinate together to plan and implement solutions to real life problems such as environment pollution and community service. From the entire process, students can improve their capability to solve problems, to empathize, and to collaborate.