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English Curriculum
HD Qingdao Wanda School is highly committed to educating globalized Chinese and providing a bilingual and multi-cultural learning experience.
The English curriculum will also apply theme-based learning using international teaching materials and reading resources. Language is not just a tool for expression and communication, but also a way of thinking and culture. Our students are immersed in a bilingual environment with small group work and English homeroom teachers. English will be practiced in their everyday lives, and through a variety of cultural activities.
English lessons in HD are engaging and highly practical. Students not only master the foundation skills such as pronunciation, spelling and grammar, but also study the rigorous western logic system behind the language. Through a variety of activities such as performing Shakespeare and other classic literary works our students learn to appreciate the rhythm and beauty of the language, and the cultural masterpieces of the western world. We will bring the most advanced international courses to HD such as Science and Design Thinking to develop the capability to explore cross-disciplinary solutions through systematic experiments and verifications. We hope to cultivate creative, critical and independent thinking. We encourage our students to stay curious and become a global citizens who show respect for cultural differences, lifelong learners and are willing to give back to society.