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FAQ 打印

1. What are the admissions criteria?
According to the age of the applicants, we will decide the final result of admission through different methods. The methods of evaluation include interview with the students, interview with the parents, standard evaluation exams and relevant evaluation procedures. The Admissions Department will enrol students with interest in learning and to obtain bilingual education.
2. What is the ratio of the teachers to the students in HD?
In HD Qingdao Wanda school, the faculty-to-student ratio is around 1:5(in 2018). There are no more than 25 students per class.  Besides teachers of various subjects, each classroom has one Chinese homeroom teacher, one international homeroom teacher and one learning facilitator.
3. Will students with inadequite English performance be admitted?
The applicants need to take part in the English Proficiency Test: different grades have different requirements for English proficiency.  In general, the higher the grade, the stricter the requirements for English abilities.  Students who have received the admission letters need not worry too much about their English abilities, since HD has professional international teachers who provide an authentic English classroom environment.  The international teachers are experienced in teaching non-native students English.  We have no absolute requirements of English abilities for new students.  We value the students’ learning attitude and habits. 
4. How will HD help the students successfully apply for colleges overseas?
HD helps students to overcome various obstacles when they apply for colleges overseas.   This includes extensive preparation, focusing on both academic performance and the application process.  The college counsellors of HD will also provide students with individualised coaching when applying to international colleges.  These counsellors will help the students to identify their needs and interests, assist them in setting up goals, and guide them in choosing the colleges and subject majors that suit them.  The powerful college counselling service are provided by our team members graduating from top universities around the world.  Our counsellors graduate from Universities such as Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Duke, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Chicago, to name a few. 
5. Will HD only focus on the academic performance of the students?
HD stresses the importance of both the education and personality of its students.  We not only help them with their academic achievements, but we also focus on their all-round growth. HD has rich extracurricular activities; various societies on campus have been set up to balance the learning and life of the students.  Through summer and winter camps, as well as international exchange activities, the students are able to engage in a wide variety of activities.  Professional teachers are assigned to help students solve their problems in learning, life and mindset, so as to encourage commendable morals and life habits. 
6. How can parents communicate with HD when they have questions?
The school has set up a home-to-school collaborative association to coordinate the communication between the parents, the school and the teachers.  If parents have questions, doubts or need clarification on an issue, they can contact the relevant member of staff at the school directly.  Additionally, through various channels, parents are able to give teachers and HD suggestions and ideas they may have.  HD believes that the parents are the partners of the school; therefore we make every effort to listen to the voice of the parents, enabling us to provide a more professional educational service for the students and their families.
7. Is the teachers’ team in HD stable?
Since the establishment of HD, the turnover of teachers and the teaching management team has been low.  This is due to an excellent campus culture, educational philosophy, competitive salary and welfare, together with personal growth opportunities for our staff.  HD feels that this is beneficial for the students to continue to receive a good education at HD. 
8. Does HD provide accommodation? If so, how does HD manage boarding students?
HD Qingdao Wanda School provides boarding for students from the prep year group, which includes a British housemaster’s family-like environment, ensuring warm care and personalised supervision from dorm teachers upwards.