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Health & Safety 打印

The aim of school safety and security is to minimise the occurrence and consequences of bad safety practices and criminal acts against both the school community and its assets. The safety of students, staff, parents and visitors is our main concern.
Entry to School is through the main gate. School security staff are on duty at this gate and monitor who enters the School. Visitors must show their Pick-up card or they will be asked to sign in and be given a visitor pass on entry by the main gate. Pick-up cards or visitor passes must be worn at all times on the school premises. A person wandering the campus or buildings without a pass will be stopped by security staff or teachers and escorted to the Security Office where a pass will be issued if the visitor has legitimate business. All visitors must report to Security at the gate and then go to Reception to be directed to the appropriate room. Parents and ayis are not permitted to wander the buildings or visit classes without an appointment. No person should turn up at reception expecting to visit senior management or teaching staff without a prior appointment.
Medical Room
 Our qualified nurses deal with injuries and, if necessary, will inform parents of the nature of the injury and treatment given. When, in the opinion of the nurse, a sick student needs to return home or be taken to hospital, parents will be informed and asked to make the necessary arrangements. For this reason up-to- date contact details are vital.
Medication at school
The school nurses can assist children if they must take medication at school. Please note the following guidelines: Medicine will be administered only within official school time and will be returned to parents at the end of each day. Students will not be given over-the-counter drugs unless the school nurses have the express permission of the student’s parents. Written instructions from a parent or guardian must accompany any medication before it will be administered by the nurse. All medication should be legibly dated and labelled with the child’s name, name of medication, dosage rates and times and date. School personnel will not administer as needed medication without specific instructions from parents. All medication must be in the original container with a child-proof cap. Please place this in a Ziploc bag with the appropriate syringe or measuring cup for administering the medicine. School personnel are prohibited from using force to administer medicine. If a child refuses to take medication, parents will be notified. Parents must inform School if their child has specific allergies and provide the appropriate medication. Two EpiPens must be provided for the School if a child has an allergy that will cause anaphylactic shock – one for the medical room and one for the classroom.
Isolation of Classes
HFMD: Should one or two students become infected in the same week, the School will report to the Education Bureau to ask about isolating the class.
Other infectious diseases, eg. scarlet fever or chicken pox: The School will report to the Education Bureau about the level of infection. The Education Bureau will advise on whether or not the class needs to be put into isolation. Parents will be notified.
Preventative Measures to be taken by the School:
Classes in which there are infected students will be isolated from other classes in the School until the infected students have recovered and returned to School;
Morning check of students, classroom disinfection and ventilation;
The School Clinic will maintain close contact with the Disease Control Centre and the Education Bureau;
School nurses will remind students and staff of the necessity for good hygiene.
No Hat, No Play
Students are encouraged to spend break and lunch times playing outside. To protect their skin against harmful UV radiation children need to wear a hat if they are outside – preferably the HD Qingdao Wanda School cap.
Air Pollution
Air Pollution Levels will be taken from the Environmental Monitoring Centre. The School's response will be as follows:
Low – school life as usual;
Medium – no PE classes outside. Breaks and lunchtimes as usual with the choice to stay inside in the library;
High – PE inside. All breaks inside as if it was a wet day. Wet-day duty roster applies.
Emergency Procedures
Evacuation procedures and maps are displayed in every classroom. We have regular drills to familiarise children, teachers and administrative staff with emergency procedures. When the alarm sounds all parents and visitors in the building are asked to observe the same rules as the children and evacuate buildings immediately, calmly and quietly. Never attempt to go to a child’s classroom as this could seriously hinder the teacher in evacuating the children.