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The HD kindergarten programme is based on the Montessori Method of education, we provide our children a nurturing learning environment where we can inspire their creativity and help them unleash their potential. In a relaxed and pleasant environment, Children master the foundational skills of reading and counting, and the knowledge of nature and culture. More importantly, their interest to learn is largely stimulated. Teachers are there to observe our children and provide support to their growth. There are five main areas in our classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture.
In the Practical Life area, we offer a variety of works designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination, concentration, independence, sense of order, and responsibility. Such design is in accordance with the nature of children to protect themselves and to strive for goals.
The Sensorial curriculum is designed to sharpen the five senses. Dr. Montessori developed many different hands-on materials that allow children to exercise observation and judgement which are critical in overcoming difficulty. Such design fills up the gap in traditional education focusing on intellectual development.
The Math curriculum is introduced in a very concrete way in our Montessori classrooms. By using the manipulative materials, the children practise counting, grouping, and numeral operations. This leads to memorization of number facts and abstract computation.
We believe the best time to learn language is at age 2 to 6. Language development is supported by all the curriculum areas in the classroom. Our language materials incorporate listening, speaking, graphic expression, and visual recognition. When the children are ready, they begin the formal development of language: encoding (writing) and decoding (reading). To solidify their foundation, we have an organized approach to develop their phonic skills. We also have circle times to promote public speaking and to ensure holistic language development.
Cultural studies help our children understand our world and learn to appreciate different cultures. Utilizing project-based learning, our talented teachers design different exercises around our monthly unit studies. The children explore ideas of who people are and what they need (history), how they interact with their environment (geography), how they express themselves (fine arts), and how they observe and think about things (sciences).
Art, Music and Physical Education are an ongoing part of every classroom programme. We provide weekly music and art classes with a variety of teaching tools. We develop children’s understanding from concrete objects to abstract computing concepts. We cultivate their imagination and understanding of different cultures. We extend sensory exercises to arts, music and PE to help our children discover their individual talent. HD teachers will observe the physical and mental development of our children and stimulate their senses with variety of activities. HD School is committed to create a safe and comfortable environment for every child. We encourage our children to try out different things and to establish his/her own experience of communicating with the world.
One of our goals here at HD schools is to develop globalized Chinese. Every month, the children will learn about a different country. They will learn about each country’s unique culture, environment, landmarks, and other distinguishing characteristics. They will learn to appreciate other countries and take an important step toward become globalized citizens!