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Primary Programme 打印

HD School has developed a student-oriented approach deriving from the principles of interactive experience and self-learning enquiry.  It has implemented a theme based programme with interdisciplinary learning, and nurtured students in four key aspects: “whole person”, “whole directions”, “whole time and place”, and “whole attention”.  At HD, learning becomes a part of life, and human growth is full of challenges and fun.
Chinese: Whilst working from the foundation of the Chinese national curriculum, the subject has nonetheless been transformed by HD School.  Our highly original course units are designed on the basis of a three-in-one pedagogy: “single-text intensive reading, whole-book co-reading and traditional Chinese culture reading” This focus on the written word is combined powerfully with early-start writing for daily life and an appreciation of diversity, and lays a solid foundation for the development of each student’s mother tongue.
English: Blending the Read Write Inc course and other international curriculum, we strive to accommodate different degrees of English proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. We also make English courses relevant to each student’s daily life.  By means of language immersion to encourage native-speaker level fluency, HD School is dedicated to creating a pure English language environment and to emphasising English learning in the student’s life on campus, in off-site projects and through a wide range of in-house activities.
Mathematics: We use nationwide mainstream teaching materials along with leading innovative English resources to supplement our curriculum.  Through enquiry and investigation, it is our aim to enable students to recognise, calculate, understand, and solve application problems from different perspectives in order to gradually improve their mathematics, sense of logic, and problem-solving abilities.
HD School Specialities: Traditional Culture, Design Thinking, Drama Education, Golf, Tennis, Chinese and Western Music and Arts are just some of the specialities through which our highly-qualified staff nurture children’s experiences, stimulate a passion for innovation, and nurture enthusiasm for life.