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HD Qingdao Wanda School
HD Qingdao Wanda School is a private bilingual school blending the best elements of East and West for the 21st Century. HD Qingdao Wanda School will launch programmes for Kindergarten to Third Grade in September 2018, followed by Secondary programs in the future. We are committed to integrating the world's best education resources and practices to provide a comprehensive education solution for families who are seeking a truly international education from early childhood to secondary school.
Adhering to the philosophy of "Education Creates Character", founded under the best traditions of Chinese culture and outstanding international education concepts, HD Qingdao Wanda School implements a bilingual education model and strives to nurture globalized Chinese with "the soul of China and the vision of the world".
At HD school, we adopt a multi-faceted and dynamic curriculum combining Chinese national curriculum, local curriculum and our school curriculum. Under this brand new blended school syllabus, we aim to develop the unique character and individual potential of each student.
We hope our students understand and appreciate traditional Chinese culture so we have designed an enriched and unique Traditional Chinese Culture class, in which ancient literature, music, arts and folk customs are taught with the up-to-date education approach from the West. HD students are encouraged to become an advocate of Chinese culture in the world.
We aim for our students to have profound insights into many cultures with a global vision. Based on the best elements of Western education, we have created a theme and project-based programmes with interdisciplinary learning, to foster bilingual students with exposure to many cultures and lifelong skills, including creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
We aim for our students to be healthy both physically and psychologically, which we believe is part of the mission to educate a whole person. Therefore, apart from regular PE classes, our students can also enjoy a variety of courses like football, golf, tennis and martial arts which are included as our required courses to cultivate sports interest and develop healthy bodies and minds.
We aim for our students to have a good understanding of human civilization and a developed appreciation of art. at HD, we have designed arts courses like drama education, classic movies and free graffiti. Every student can perform on the stage and build self-confidence and personality.
We aim for every student to develop his own strength and talent,hence every student is treated as a unique individual in HD. We provide personalized attention and customized courses for students with individual needs and talents.
We strive to provide a pleasant and cozy study environment. Located in Starlight Island, Oriental Movie Metropolis, HD Qingdao Wanda School is set amidst beautiful scenery surrounded by the ocean waters of the Yellow Sea. Our modern campus comes with state-of-art facilities including bilingual a library, indoor swimming pool, anti-pollution dome, outdoor stadium, rooftop tennis court and outdoor theatre.


About Hurtwood House
Hurtwood House (HD UK) is recognized as one of United Kingdom’s most successful and prestigious schools, bringing creativity and vigour into education. With its outstanding academic record , about 35% of Hurtwood House graduates are admitted into top 7 universities in UK and about 20% students enter the top 5 universities such as Oxford and Cambridge each year. HD UK not only ranks top in A-level results, but also enjoys a good reputation for its art education. 15% students are admitted to the top art colleges such as Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.