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The School has an outstanding academic leadership and faculty team. The Chinese and International Chief Academic Director and Principals all have a wealth of experience in managing leading international and Chinese private schools. The faculty team shares a great passion for education.

Chief International Academic Director of HD Schools.
Robert Holroyd is a graduate of Oxford University, and an internationalist with over 25 years’ management experience in schools in the UK and abroad. Prior to joining HD schools, Robert was Headmaster of Repton School, UK, and during his thirteen-year tenure of this post was privileged to internationalise the Repton brand in multiple locations across the world including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and India.
Warren Johnston
Chief International Academic Director of HD Schools.
With his unique personality, pioneering leadership, and profound insights into both Chinese and international cultures, Warren Johnston enjoys a high reputation as an excellent educator within China’s international education community. He was formerly the founding Executive Headmaster of Shanghai YK Pao School and the Primary School Headmaster of German Swiss International School.
Chief Chinese Academic Director of HD Schools.
Chinese Integrated Curriculum in the Primary Sector Member, Steering Committee for Basic Education Curriculum Material, Ministry of Education. Former Founding Principal of Yizhuang (Etown) Branch, Beijing National Day School. Chief Editor of Contemporary Education & Dean of Contemporary Education Institute.
Assistant Principal of HD Qingdao Wanda School.
Former Head of Year in Secondary, YCIS Hong Kong
Former Head of Academics and in IBDP Coordinator, Lanzhou Country Garden School
Master’s Degree in Education and IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning from University of Hong Kong